22 de maio de 2014

Music Alliance Pact de maio

Você já sabe como funciona a MAP, né? Não? Clica aqui e dá uma sacada, por favor.

Sobre este mês, você pode fazer o download de todas as músicas de uma só vez ou ouvir faixa-a-faixa clicando nos nomes das músicas no início de cada sinopse. Das poucas bandas que já ouvi, a colombiana Mitú pareceu bem interessante.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie
Shaman y Los Pilares De La Creación - Tierna Oscuridad
Tierna Oscuridad is the opening track on Shaman y Los Pilares De La Creación's second album, released by Concepto Cero, one of La Plata's finest independent labels. You can hear the whole album via the band's website. The song is also on the soundtrack for the film Arriba Quemando El Sol, so the sound prevails over the notes, creating a deep atmospheric musical environment.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
Yeo - Kobe
A little over a year ago, Melbourne's Yeo gave his acoustic guitar the flick and turned to a new friend, the keytar. He had some success in 2013 with the dark, whirring Girl and now he's back with Kobe, the second single from his forthcoming EP. It's a big step up for the producer: a shining, ambitious pop song with brash synth stabs, jittery percussion and confident R'n'B vocals. Yeo played Canadian Music Week and some US shows this month. If he doesn't break the North American market first time round, we reckon he's got a promising future penning tunes for Justin Timberlake.

BRASIL: Meio Desligado
Quarto Negro - Quando o Mar Não Vem
Quarto Negro are about to release their second album and have just brought out a movie about their time in studio, called GRU-PDX. "Quando o mar não vem" is taken from debut album Desconocidos, released in 2011, and shows the band's melodic excellence and sensitivity.

CANADA: Quick Before It Melts
[MP.G] - Black Mesa Rally Cry
[MP.G] My Pet Genius released Might Strike Satellite in 1996 to much critical acclaim. For the past 17 years they have been recording, mixing, switching studios, re-recording, scrapping and re-mixing hundreds of hours of music that will become the colossal double LP, Empire Of Light. A teaser EP called EMP01 reveals what's to be expected when Empire Of Light finally arrives this fall.

CHILE: Super 45
Fernando Milagros - Otra Vida
Fernando Milagros embraces pop with synths, guitars and guests musicians on his fourth album, Nuevo Sol, a collection of songs about coming back home and going ahead with the truth. Otra Vida, the first single with Andean music arrangements, is the catchiest song on the record.

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo
Mitú - Cri Cri
Renowned guitarist and producer Julian Salazar, a vital part of Bomba Estéreo, joins with percussionist Franklin Tejedor aka Lamparita to form Mitú, where somehow they pay tribute to Lamparita's hometown, San Basilio de Palenque. Thus, the traditional rhythms are mixed with analog synthesisers to give a unique characteristic, totally danceable. In 2012 they released their album Potro, and in 2014 Mitú hits back again with Balnear, where the future and the jungle's past are mixed, as we can hear in their track Cri Cri.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian
Annasaid - Feel Better
Four years on from their full-length debut, Jua, Annasaid released their second on April 28. Titled Rite De Passage there's a coming of age tale here, but while the quartet has definitely matured in age, arrangements and songwriting, their guitar-on-chest indie-rock is as youthfully energetic as ever. Here's the excellent first single Collision as a MAP exclusive download.

Diego Mena - Intolerante
Diego Mena continues to turn his wheels away from his roots in rock music and on to synth-pop delight. Even though he's heavily influenced by the 80s , his newest songs sound more current than ever. Intolerante is the first single from his third album Cadáveres En El Closet, a hypnotic ensemble of melodies and smooth singing. The album is out now via Bandcamp.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria
Nicola Cruz - Nierika
Nicola Cruz is one of Ecuador's most interesting producers. His work focuses on experimental music that mixes electronics with organic textures and traditional sounds.

ESTONIA: Rada7.ee
Badass Yuki - America
Citing influences as varied as Burt Bacharach, The Jesus And Mary Chain and Britpop, Badass Yuki are a threesome on the verge of releasing their second album, Open Your Eyes To The Landmass, which is being pressed on vinyl by small family label Porridge Bullet.

Pelotons - Blind Luck
Pelotons is a folk duo formed by Tina Kärkinen (Finnish) and Mike Gale (English), who began making music together at the end of last year and released a debut EP called Burrows. Blind Luck, a very laid-back, soft tune with great harmonies, is the first single from their first full-length, which will be available very shortly through Battle Worldwide Recordings.

FRANCE: Yet You're Fired
La Quinte - J'ai Passé L'Âge
La Quinte is an up-and-coming rap act from Strasbourg composed of four MCs and a beatmaker. What started as a way to fill their free time while paying homage to their elders eventually became a serious project, and the crew has been more and more active and visible in the past few months. By combining old-school instrumentals with topical lyrics, La Quinte have found a unique blend that will surely make some heads turn in the coming months.

GREECE: Mouxlaloulouda
A Victim Of Society - Once Again
In their relentlessly brilliant debut album Distractions, A Victim Of Society craft eight intense, hammering and explosively airy rock'n'roll songs and wrap them in a bleary, beautiful package. With layers of fuzz-laced and feedback-laden guitars, raw, tribal drumbeats, repetitive gloomy melodies buried beneath noise and distortion-drenched vocals, they produce an assured, exciting piece of art that works as the ideal soundtrack for a nightmarish post-urban landscape. Listen to the striking Once Again and check out the video for Enough Said.

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar
Careless 061 - Teen Anger
Careless 061 is a band from Medan, North Sumatra, whose songs sound as if Davey Havok created the music, some angry teenager wrote the lyrics and a bunch of Green Day fans performed it.

IRELAND: Hendicott Writing
We Cut Corners - Blue
Dublin duo We Cut Corners have contrasting loud and quiet streaks. Set up like The White Stripes, only with the singer on drums, the pair's garage rock with quirky pop melodies have won them a nomination for the Choice Music Prize ("Ireland's Grammys") and near universal admiration in a crowded scene. Blue is the fourth single from just-released gorgeous second album Think Nothing, crammed full of their usual brand of sharp lyrics and heart-on-sleeve brashness. A real hidden gem.

ITALY: Polaroid
Vaghe Stelle - Duemila Kilometri
Vaghe Stelle is a producer based in Turin (real name Daniele Mana) who released his new album Sweet Sixteen on the UK label Astro:Dynamics. The press release explains that the theme of the album is "an attempt to have a conversation with the listener on the subjects of love and despair". Among all those fractured rhythms and deep cosmic sounds resonates a melancholic vibe, something passionate, and this is what I really love about Vaghe Stelle's ever-fascinating music.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies
Kai Takahashi - Cannibal
The title is extremely misleading - Tokyo producer Kai Takahashi only has summer vibes in mind with this song, a short cut from a recently released mixtape of similarly cut-and-chopped beats. Cannibal is especially warm, a stuttering collection of vocals and island-ready sounds tumbling over one another into a fantastic shot of mid-June weather.

MALTA: Stagedive Malta
Stalko - Two
Stalko are a somewhat restless indie-folk trio who are equally comfortable playing small, intimate acoustic gigs or bigger shows accompanied by various other musicians and instruments. They've supported a number of renowned artists such as Adem, Owen Pallett, The Moulettes and Stanley Brinks (Andre Herman Dune). Their debut album Grandiloquence was released to critical acclaim in 2012 and earned them a Best Newcomer win as well as a Best Album nomination at the Malta Music Awards.

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika
Los Bandiera - Cielo Azul
Rolling in the grass, wearing paisley shirts and growing an afro (crowded with lice) is not exclusive for those who lived in the 60s. Coming from the perennial springtime city of Cuernavaca, Los Bandiera are a retro outfit that takes inspiration from both The Byrds and the Mexican psychedelia of Los Dug Dug's. Cielo Azul is a bittersweet love declaration to lay with your beloved one, staring up at the sun-hazed diamond skies.

Wolves As Friends - Small Goodbyes
Inspired by the need to express himself as a singular voice comes Wolves As Friends, the personal project of Lima singer-songwriter Rodolfo Caceres. Honest and simple, he conveys heartfelt, meaningful thoughts about what it is to feel left out and lost in the world. Wolves As Friends released debut record Small Goodbyes in 2013.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco?
Throes + The Shine - Dombolo
Following the worldwide success of Buraka Som Sistema comes another kuduro project made up of Portuguese trio Throes (Marco, Igor and João) and Angolan duo The Shine (Diron and André do Poster). Their work together has already been defined as rockuduro (rock and kuduro). Their sound is wild and energetic and word has spread through their performances at various festivals including Roskilde. Dombolo is taken from just-released new album Mambos De Outros Tipos and has this video.

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Indie
Sr. Langosta - Doido
Puerto Rico's indie scene skews heavily towards rock-oriented sub-genres - punk, metal, garage, pop or experimental - so it is certainly worth noting when a band like Sr. Langosta comes along to test our musical boundaries and take audiences in new directions. Led by guitarist Jorge Andrés Ferreras, the acid jazz and funk trio's debut album reveals great musicianship and a playful streak, with an extended band willing to fuse Caribbean and Latin rhythms with the classic rock influence of guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix. Doido is but a taste of the record's refreshing sounds.

ROMANIA: Babylon Noise
Faunlet - Bird Bones
Dark and perverse, Faunlet's music combines elements of post-punk, shoegaze, gothic noise, post-rock and doom-pop in a style they call dark gaze. The Bucharest group released debut album Fauna Of The Heart Flora From Beyond in January.

Model Aeroplanes - Crazy
Idols-in-waiting Model Aeroplanes recorded their rollicking debut single Crazy while they were finishing their high school exams, but a career as musicians certainly doesn't look beyond the teenagers, whose enthusiastic post-punk sound might remind you of Two Door Cinema Club or the first Arctic Monkeys album. Their new single Electricity is released on May 24.

Monoban - Dandelion
Indie-folk trio Monoban has members playing acoustic guitar, cello and cajón, a Peruvian percussion instrument. Dandelion is the lead track off debut EP Ghostship, released in April. With its charming and light-hearted melody it's an extremely addictive track well suited for repeated play.

SPAIN: Musikorner
Fernando Lagreca - Silly Girl Meets Silly Boy (Tsowc Remix)
Fernando Lagreca was born in Uruguay, but his heart has been a part of Barcelona since 2002. Electronic music is his passion and he explores it in an organic way, discovering warm melodies and bright landscapes of sound. IDM is what he delivers so it's no wonder he has signed to Barcelona-based label Irregular, home of The Suicide Of Western Culture and Lasers.

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You
YVETTE - Pure Pleasure
The drums and guitars of Brooklyn's YVETTE thrash heavily like lightning striking steel. What makes this band special is the thoughtful order to the chaos. It's angry, evil and loud, but the precision ultimately makes YVETTE an unforgettable and important band.

17 de maio de 2014

Coletânea Cena Independente #27

Após um breve hiato e algumas dissidências, a coletânea mensal Cena Independente publica mais uma edição inédita. A seleção é feita através da curadoria dos sites e blogs que fazem parte do projeto e que, aqui, ficam responsáveis por peneirar todos os meses os sons de suas cenas locais.

Nesta edição, o designer Leandro Benyk, convidado pelo Defenestrando (curador da cena paranaense), assina a arte da capa. Mais de seus trabalhos podem ser vistos aqui.

Interessados em participar podem conversar com a Clara no email mixtape.cenaindependente@gmail.com e se informar mais sobre o projeto no blog coletaneaindependente.wordpress.com

Você pode escutar a coletânea no player abaixo ou fazer o download de todas as músicas.

MINAS GERAIS: Meio Desligado
Magalhães – Ver Tereza
indie tropical
Membro do combo de afrobeat psicodélico Iconili (no qual tocava baixo e atualmente é trompetista) e colaborador frequente do Transmissor, Victor Magalhães Silva lançou em março seu primeiro álbum solo, "Trago Seu Amor". A tropicalidade do Iconili permanece, mas com uma roupagem diferente que remete tanto a Rodrigo Amarante como a Felipe Cordeiro, tudo envolto em uma atmosfera vintage, resumida na classificação de gênero escolhida pelo artista para definir o álbum: "kitsch brazilian groove". "Ver Tereza" é a faixa que abre o álbum, mas vale apena ouvir o disco completo.
Para quem gosta de: Rodrigo Amarante, rock sessentista, Dead Lover's Twisted Heart em português
Mais de Magalhães no Soundcloud

BAHIA: El Cabong
Murilo Sá & Grande Elenco – Eis Que Eu Tento Me Entreter
rock psicodélico
Murilo Sá é um baiano que desistiu de tentar a carreira em Salvador e decidiu encarar o caminho de São Paulo. Levou na bagagem o violão e um punhado de canções que remetem ao rock dos anos 60. Psicodelia, melodias, um cheirinho agradável de mofo e uma sonoridade que pela influência em comum lembram o bom rock gaúcho. Murilo acaba de lançar um EP, que serve como prévia para o disco que sai ainda este ano.
Para quem gosta de: Jupiter Maçã, Mutantes, Mopho
Mais de Murilo Sá & Grande Elenco no Soundcloud

PARANÁ: Defenestrando
Cavernoso Viñon – Drugstore
Formado por músicos com boa experiência no cenário musical curitibano, o Cavernoso Viñon é uma pequena seleção de talentos roqueiros da cidade. O grupo surgiu como um filho natural da Trajano Reis, uma rua que concentra amostras do que há de melhor e de pior na noite curitibana – algo como a Rua Augusta das araucárias. Tendo esse universo como cenário, a vocalista Lolo Quevedo canta em francês enquanto Lucian Araújo, Ricardo Maia, Yan Lemos e Leonardo Lotowski explodem em um blues corrosivo. A banda acaba de soltar o clipe da música “Drugstore” e prepara o lançamento de um novo EP para os próximos meses.
Para quem gosta de: Jack White, The 5678’s, chanson francesa
Mais de Cavernoso Viñon no Soundcloud

ALAGOAS: Sirva-se
Tribo – 1986
Tribo é o nome adotado por Fernando Rozendo para dar voz ao seu trabalho como MC e que acabou de ganhar as ruas com o seu primeiro álbum. O cara que já integra a banda de black music Favela Soul, apresenta agora uma outra roupagem para o seu som e deixa claro que sua musicalidade é diversa mas com foco nos elementos da música negra. “1986”, a faixa escolhida para essa edição da mixtape, é uma das últimas músicas liberadas pelo cara para divulgar o seu álbum lançado nesse mês de março. Um trabalho em constante mudança e que vem ganhando espaço no cenário do rap em Alagoas. Vale conferir!
Para quem gosta de: Black Alien, GOG, Speedfreak S
Mais de Tribo no Soundcloud

PERNAMBUCO: AltNewspaper
Caldo – Salsa
Caldo, tal qual o termo, é uma mistura. Porém, neste caso, uma mistura sonora entre dois nomes de gerações distintas da música pernambucana. Gabriel Isodoro (A Banda de Joseph Tourton) toma conta das guitarras e loops, Pernalonga (Faces do Subúrbio, entre vários outros projetos) manda na bateria e vocal. O projeto teve inicio de maneira natural, numa mistura de grooves e influências, que já dão frutos dos mais diversos estilos. Deve sair um registro oficial da banda ainda neste ano, mas aqui na mixtape do Cena Independente adiantamos um pouco do que deve vir por ai. Em “Salsa”, temos um instrumental com um que de guitarrada e muito loop de guitarra e bateria quebrada do Afrobeat.
Para quem gosta de: A Banda de Joseph Tourton, Macaco Bong, Caldo de Piaba
Mais de Caldo no Facebook

Plutão Já Foi Planeta – Daqui Pra Lá
indie pop
Plutão Já Foi Planeta vem chamando atenção pela opção, ainda rara entre as bandas de destaque da cena potiguar, de uma sonoridade radiofônica e letras em português. Da escaleta aos vocais boy and girl, a formação segue a composição usual de uma banda de indie pop dos anos 2000. Pelo menos no seu primeiro single, “Daqui Pra Lá”, a receita não vai se afastar muito do alternativo de massa, lembrando o Los Hermanos do primeiro disco.
Para quem gosta de: Los Hermanos, Cícero, Apanhador Só
Mais de Plutão Já Foi Planeta no Facebook

GOIÁS: Novo Rock Nacional
Carne Doce – Sertão Urbano
rock psicodélico
Salma Jô e Macloys moram juntos em Goiânia e compõem inspirados no cotidiano, nas conversas à mesa, à cama. Assim nasceu a Carne Doce. Em abril de 2013, fizeram sua estreia com o lançamento do EP digital “Dos Namorados”, recebendo elogios de blogs especializados. Hoje com João Victor (guitarra e sintetizador) e Ricardo Machado (bateria), a banda prepara seu primeiro álbum e promete lançá-lo em 2014.
Para quem gosta de: Novos Baianos, Mutantes, Caetano Veloso
Mais de Carne Doce no Facebook

PARAÍBA: Atividade FM
Red Butcher – Magnás
O trio pessoense que mistura stoner rock com doom e doses de psicodelia, chamado Red Butcher, lançou seu primeiro EP autointitulado no início deste mês. O grupo iniciou suas atividades ainda em 2009, com o passar do tempo ficou conhecido pelos excelentes shows na cidade de João Pessoa (PB). Agora, quem acompanhou o trabalho da banda, pode escutar em casa um EP com 5 faixas carregadas das maiores com as influência dos integrantes: Bruno Alves (baixo), Magno Fontolan (bateria) e Neto Londres (guitarra). Toda a gravação do EP foi feita de forma ao vivo, sendo captado no estúdio da Mardito Discos, mixado pelo Bruno Alves e masterizado por Pepeu Guzman.
Para quem gosta de: Macaco Bong, The Flying Eye, Young Widow
Mais de Red Butcher no Soundcloud

14 de maio de 2014

Music Alliance Pact de, er... abril

Meio desligado e mais do que atrasado.

Faça o download das 27 faixas que compõem a coletânea de abril ou clique no nome da música que desejar ouvir.

O Meio Desligado é o representante exclusivo do Brasil no Music Alliance Pact, projeto global que envolve cerca de 30 blogs especializados em música, de diferentes países, que mensalmente realiza uma coletânea com bandas independentes/alternativas desses países. Todo dia 15 é publicada a coletânea com uma música escolhida pelo representante de seu respectivo país de origem.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie
The Plasticos - Marfil
This band from La Plata usually cites British rock acts such as The Kinks, Blur and The Stone Roses as their main influences. However, this track from The Plasticos' new album, Kilómetros, is one of our favorites because of its grungy sound that reminds us of the new Argentine rock movement from the late 90s. You can listen to the album on Bandcamp.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
Dianas - Dix
There are moments when all you want to do is kiss the guy who invented the internet. Such is the case when one Bandcamp tag after the other, we stumbled upon Dianas, a trio from the distant city of Perth. Dix is a dreamy drone-pop tune with all those floral notes typical of Scottish indie; kind of like what Camera Obscura might have sounded like on a hot summer's night in Western Australia.

BRASIL: Meio Desligado
Isaar - Tudo Em Volta De Mim Vira Um Vão
Sort of a sad waltz, 'Tudo em volta de mim vira um vão" is taken from Isaar's new album, Todo Calor (roughly translated as "All The Heat"). Originally from Recife, one of Brazil's most prolific cities, Isaar shows her strong influences of local culture such as frevo, maracatu and manguebeat, but also flirts with pop music and other contemporary artists like Siba and Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda.

CANADA: Quick Before It Melts
Zoo Legacy - CRWD
Hybrid hip-hop rockers Zoo Legacy are from Ottawa but have a world-conquering sound. Blending indie-rock, R&B, hip-hop and pop, it's impossible to pinpoint which element is the band's focus, and that's exactly what they've intended. Lines blur and genres blend, but Zoo Legacy's gift will always be musical alchemy.

CHILE: Super 45
Niño Cohete - El Bosque
Niño Cohete, a band from Concepción, packed Teatro La Cupula at Lollapalooza Chile in March. With an EP and a recently released debut album, Aves De Chile, they're conquering the country with their music. They define their style as "sylvan pop" and new single El Bosque has nice guitar arrangements and a very upbeat melody.

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo
Flaco Flow & Melanina - El Desorden
From the Colombian Pacific coast comes hip hop duo Flaco Flow & Melanina who, after 12 years, four albums and tours around the world, are still armed with good rhythm and real, powerful lyrics. They never deny their Latin flavor as you can hear in their salsa song El Desorden.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian
Kristian Harting - Kamikaze
Having paid his dues in a bunch of more or less under the radar thrash metal and noise-rock bands for the past 15 years, Kristian Harting has finally released a debut solo album. Float is a personal account of emotional and financial turmoil set to bleak and haunting alt-folk that will get you one way or the other. At least if you have a penchant for this type of music. And a soul. Kamikaze is a MAP exclusive download.

R.E.A.L.I.D.A.D. - Cogiendo Fuego feat. Carolina Camacho
We usually don't repeat artists on our MAP submissions, but with this one the team decided to make an exception. Both R.E.A.L.I.D.A.D. and Carolina Camacho have been featured before because they make unique music in their genres. For this track, the fury that fuels rock music and the fierce attitude of rap mix together to defend our people from corruption, softened by Carolina's voice over the chorus. Head to the Bandcamp link above to download Resurgir/Combates Necesarios, the latest EP from R.E.A.L.I.D.A.D.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria
Fernanda Karolys - Vago Desiertos
María Fernanda Karolys is one of the most powerful and iconic Ecuadorian female voices. After a strong career that has seen her play with bands such as Pulpo 3, Nortec Collective Presents: Clorofila and Helios Jive, she is ready to present her first solo album and Vago Desiertos is the first single.

ENGLAND: Drowned In Sound
Douglas Dare - Swim
Radiohead's influence on modern music is enormous, but it's strange how little credit is given to Thom's solo work. The Eraser captivated the imagination of a generation of smart younglings in their bedrooms. Much like London's James Blake, Dorset's Douglas Dare climbed Harrowdown Hill and had the epiphany to use hints of light for shadow-play. It's little wonder this bloop-loving pianist has ended up on Erased Tapes, home to the likes of Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds, who are set to release his debut album Whelm in May.

ESTONIA: Rada7.ee
d8p - Gather
d8p don't try to identify themselves by a niche or genre, but rather focus on creating a certain universal feeling, an atmosphere. Melancholic, longing, melodramatic, yet uplifting and danceable, d8p plays with the fine line between euphoria and sadness while also leaving room for surprises. Utilizing complex percussion, simple melodies and unconventional musical structures, d8p aims to take the listener to a place they find familiar yet full of new possibilities.

Captain Cougar - Rise
On their first two albums, five-piece Captain Cougar perfected rootsy Americana-influenced songs, but with their recently released third album, Åkerblomrörelsen, the band has created bold soundscapes embracing post-rock. Lyrically, it is also very ambitious as it is a history-related concept record that tells the story of Finnish evangelical cult leader and sleep-preacher Maria Åkerblom. Rise is a very good example of this bigger sound.

GREECE: Mouxlaloulouda
The Man From Managra - Praise The Lord
Aiming to explore the function of songs as a fundamental necessity of musical expression, The Man From Managra - the new project of Coti K. - conjures up music with a thoroughly minimal feel and austere arrangements, using a modified bass and his voice both deftly and as core elements. Check out Praise The Lord, a gripping and subtly beautiful song, based on a motorik rhythm, repeated simple phrases and Σtella's unique contribution.

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar
Cabrini Asteriska & Puti Chitara - Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
Cabrini Asteriska and Puti Chitara are singer-songwriters who have played together since their childhood. After some shared travels they decided to form a musical project to express their life experiences. This song is a Hindu mantra in Sanskrit, may it bring more peace with you.

IRELAND: Hendicott Writing
Extra Fox - Come Together
Neil Adams' Extra Fox is one of several current side-projects from Dublin scene heroes The Cast Of Cheers, a smartly bristling bedroom electronica aside. Taking elements of his math-rock mainstay's choppy style, Adams' charmingly skittish beats and soulful melodies nod towards the neon lights of urban Japan. The man himself credits Com Truise and "that feeling like you're inside an 80s video game" with inspiring a new thought process. The album is available on a pay-what-you-want basis on Bandcamp.

ITALY: Polaroid
Flying Vaginas - Happiness And Flour
You could say that Happiness And Flour by the trio Flying Vaginas sounds nothing new, simply classic indie-rock with a long tradition: The Jesus And Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, Clean, Black Tambourine, you name it. Or, to quote some bands from the present: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Crystal Stilts, Girls Names. What makes me particularly happy about this wonderful song is that Flying Vaginas know how to speak the international language really well, and it doesn't happen very often around here. Their great debut EP is also free to download via Bandcamp.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies
Earthquake Island - Naked Water
Earthquake Island is usually a solo project based in Tokyo, but for Naked Water the producer behind the music recruited singer Mocca to perform over a lovely, glowing soundtrack that would sound right at home in a church. Her contributions, though, add even more beauty as her vocals overlap one another and give the entire number a Björk-ish edge.

MALTA: Stagedive Malta
Blue Star - Shake It Baby
One of the many projects involving Andre Camilleri, the only record ever made by Blue Star is a five-track EP recorded in 1998. Camilleri spent many years busking on the streets of Berlin and Valletta. While in Malta, Andre put together a five-piece band which included Ian Schranz and Mark Sansone from Beangrowers, resulting in a number of well-received gigs and a self-titled EP. Andre is now based in Australia, his output remains prolific and we've lost count of his numerous recordings.

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika
Ponce - El Muerto
Leonardo Kin Ponce's interest in the paranormal was expressed in his music while in his previous bands Timmy & The Monsters and Ghostcatcher. Now he has been working on Ponce, a solo project based on pure Spanish vocals and some IDM elements. His first single El Muerto follows that line and it has been released with some remixes that emphasize the dark, daily aspects of one of the most fearful ideas of existence: death.

Bondage - Un Video De Los Dos
From Trujillo, a beautiful city in northern Peru, comes one of the most interesting and provocative rock bands in the country. Bondage was formed by Juan Carlos Paredes, who created his style from punk and garage-rock. Un Video De Los Dos is taken from his first album released last year, which has a lot of sensuality and distorted guitars.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco?
Sequin - Naive
Sequin is the solo project of Ana Miró, an extremely talented vocalist who gives new meaning to the blips and bleeps of early 80s electronic music and has a sound reminiscent of the debut albums by Soft Cell and Depeche Mode. However, Sequin, who recently opened for Warpaint in Lisbon, will also be loved by those who are into more recent bands such as Ladytron. Naive is taken from her album Penelope, out on April 21.

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Indie
Necronazis - Peligro De Muerte
Necronazis are a fixture in Puerto Rico's punk scene and although not as active in recent times, the band makes sure they play a few shows every year for their faithful fans. The group's different line-ups read as a genealogical tree of the local scene, including long-standing members Giancarlo Cervoni and Sergio Narváez, both former members of Dávila 666. To honor this seminal band, new independent label Discos Diaspora launch Antología on April 19, a limited edition tape compiling Necronazis' recorded output in its entirety.

ROMANIA: Babylon Noise
Theory Of Mind - I Felt The Sun
Cluj-based band Theory Of Mind has built up a large fanbase in just a few months. A dream-pop group with psychedelic and experimental influences, they have shaken the foundations of Romanian music - for good.

Fatherson - James
Fatherson are idols to many in Scotland and, having just released their debut album I Am An Island, now is the perfect time for the rest of world to catch on. Their music is more accomplished and rewarding than you might expect from a rock band in their early 20s. There are no unfocused thrashy rackets here, just considered creativity and a very intelligent approach to dynamics and song structure. MAP exclusive download James has all the crescendos, singalong verses and punch-the-air choruses you could ever wish for.

Saram12saram - Raindrop, Cloud, Typhoon And The Sun
Saram12saram had been teasing with alluring electronic tunes on SoundCloud a year before the release of the duo's debut EP. Raindrop, Cloud, Typhoon And The Sun finally came out at the end of 2013 and a few weeks ago it became available on vinyl. The title track puts the esoteric female vocals first, while the music produces an ambient dreamscape that leaves you wanting more.

SPAIN: Musikorner
HUIAS - Dealer
HUIAS is a duet from northern Spain formed by María Lastra and Alejandro Santana. In 2012 they released their first EP in which they mixed guitar arpeggios with electronic arrangements, keeping folk tradition in mind, but now they are comfortable in the dark side. Their music is mysterious, dreamy but dark. Dealer is the first single from their forthcoming debut album.

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You
The Deloreans - As Long As It's You
On their fantastic new single, As Long As It's You, The Deloreans find themselves crafting a slow driving tune with multiple small flourishes coloring the entire sound-space. The vocals are confident and overflowing with emotion as drum kicks and a grandiose chorus keep elevating the constantly evolving song.